MADoPA Completes Regional Study

MADoPA Completes Regional Study

MADoPA has completed a yearlong  regional study funded by a French Regional Authority (Champagne Ardenne), in ten nursing homes and twelve households in order to evaluate the Giraff telepresence platform in socially realistic contexts.  The study examined the needs, acceptability, utility, and ethical consequences of the telepresence system, as well as the economic value, target market, and commercial potential.

The core of this evaluation, after needs analysis and interviews of all the stakeholders (old people, professional and informal caregivers), was the integration of the Giraff in four households (for one month each) and eight nursing homes (for up to 2.5 months).

The results will inform the continued direction of the TERESA project.  In particular, the regional experiment offered an opportunity to identify, directly with nursing homes and in old people’s houses, the target market, the target price and the paths to market for what could be a TERESA robotic solution for a telepresence robot.

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