Maarten van Someren

University of Amsterdam

Maarten van Someren is Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. He and the other UvA team members are using reinforcement learning to discover socially intelligent body-pose behaviours for the telepresence system.

Vanessa Evers

University of Twente

Vanessa Evers leads the Twente team in TERESA. They are investigating socially normative telepresence behaviour, i.e., how telepresence systems should behave to best facilitate social interaction.

Luis Merino

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Luis Merino leads the UPO team in TERESA. They are developing the navigation stack required to enable enhanced, socially normative, autonomous navigation of the telepresence robot.

Maja Pantic

Imperial College London

Maja Pantic leads the efforts of Imperial College London in TERESA. They are developing computer vision methods for the automatic understanding of the facial and bodily reactions of people to the telepresence system’s behaviour.

Hervé Michel


Hervé Michel leads the MADoPA team in TERESA. They are investigating how telepresence systems can improve the quality of life and care of elderly people and are spearheading experiments in which TERESA interacts with elderly users.

Shimon Whiteson

University of Oxford

Shimon Whiteson is the scientific coordinator of the TERESA project. Since 1 October 2015, relocated from UvA to UOXF, he continues scientifically coordinating the TERESA consortium and supervising the UvA team with their tasks developing the telepresence system.