Valorization Advisory Board

TERESA produces knowledge that in the end should become available to the market for robotics, both for commercial and non-commercial valorization purposes. To make sure the developed knowledge will be used in next-phase product development, TERESA appointed a Valorization Advisory Board (VAB). The VAB offers interested commercial parties a chance to help evaluate how the research can be made useful for concrete applications of commercial and/or societal interest.

The TERESA VAB members are:

  • Paulo Alvito, Founder and CEO at IDMind, (Chairman);
  • Gabriel Amores, Dialogue System Architect at Intel Corporation;
  • Jacinto Pérez, Director at Royal Alcázar;
  • Heinrich Stuettgen, Vice President of NEC Laboratories Europe;
  • Luis Unzueta, Mechanical Engineer at Vicomtech-IK4, and;
  • Randy Gomez, Honda Research.

MADoPA is, from within the project, part of this VAB.