TERESA is built upon the commercially available Giraff telepresence device, which consists of a video screen attached to a base with wheels.  The device can be controlled via a computer by a user in a remote location, whose face appears on the device’s video screen. It has a camera, microphone and a speaker to enable video conferencing.


To make TERESA socially intelligent and semi-autonomous, it has been augmented with additional state-of-the-art hardware.  Several additional sensors have been added, including two Hokuyo UST 10X laser rangefinders, one XSense MTi-30 AHRS gyroscope, one Kinect sensor, one VoiceTracker II array microphone, and a Dalsa Genie HM1400/XDR camera.  Two extra computers have also been added to process and store all the extra data collected by these sensors.  Finally, an extra battery has been added to power the additional equipment.

Lately, the TERESA robot with all it’s added hardware has been equiped with a shell to improve the look and feel of the device. This adds to the confidence users will have in interacting with the robot. The gallery below offers some impressions of this new design.