Author - Luisa Zintgraf

ICML 2019

WhiRL has four accepted papers at ICML this year! Camera ready versions can be found here:“A Baseline for Any Order Gradient Estimation in Stochastic Computation Graphs” – Jingkai Mao‚ Jakob Foerster‚ Tim Rocktäschel‚ Maruan Al−Shedivat‚ Gregory Farquhar and Shimon Whiteson“Fingerprint Policy Optimisation for Robust Reinforcement Learning” – Supratik Paul‚ Michael A. Osborne and Shimon Whiteson“Fast Context Adaptation via Meta−Learning” – Luisa Zintgraf‚ Kyriacos Shiarlis‚ Vitaly Kurin‚ Katja Hofmann and Shimon Whiteson“Bayesian Action Decoder for Deep Multi−Agent Reinforcement Learning” [...]