Christian Schroeder de Witt

Christian Schroeder de Witt

DPhil Student


I am a 2nd-year PhD student conducting fundamental algorithmic research in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and autonomous control (particularly, UAV control). My supervision is jointly between Prof. Shimon Whiteson and Prof. Philip Torr (Torr Vision Group). In this capacity, I am funded by Free The Drones (Innovationsfonden Denmark) and Microsoft UK.

On the algorithmic side, I am working on deep multi-agent reinforcement learning and autonomous control. In particular, I am interested in central learning with decentralized execution, multi-agent exploration and large-scale inter-agent coordination and interaction. Recent publications in this space include QMIX [1] and MACKRL [2]. Benchmarks I am particularly interested in include StarCraftI/II™, large-scale kinematic models and sensor networks. For a full description of my work spanning deep reinforcement learning and autonomous control, please refer to my Torr Vision Group profile.

Other interests

Before returning to Oxford for a PhD, I worked for a year as a research associate for theoretical machine learning (convex optimisation, statistical learning theory) at Humboldt University, Berlin [3]. I also hold two master's degrees from the University of Oxford: One in Physics (MPhys, First and University Thesis Prize, thesis with Prof Ard Louis [6]), and one in Computer Science (MSc, Distinction, thesis with Prof. Bob Coecke [5]). During my time as a full-time quantum physicist, I proved an important incompleteness theorem for ZX-calculus, a graphical calculus for finite-dimensional quantum mechanics [4].

I also spent some time in industry, working as interim Head of Engineering of a large Berlin eCommerce company, facilitating the work of a team of eight developers. In summer 2017, I was ML researcher intern at Man AHL, one of the world's largest quantitative hedgefunds.

Apart from my professional career as a researcher, I have a long history of engagement with contemporary issues, such as climate change and refuge and asylum. Forms of involvement have spanned volunteering, to co-organisation of workshops and summits all the way up to party-political activism.

I am also a trained classical concert pianist, I received a scholarship to study piano performance at Brandon University School of Music MB with Prof Megumi Masaki, in 2006, finishing top of the year in 2007 with a GPA of 4.07 before accepting my offer to study physics in Oxford.


For a full list of publications, please refer to my Google Scholar profile.

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