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2 Papers Accepted to AAMAS

We are happy about two full AAMAS papers with WhiRL members!“Deep Residual Reinforcement Learning”Shangtong Zhang, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson“Maximizing... read more

2 papers accepted to ICLR

We are very excited about two accepted ICLR 2020 papers and look forward to discussing our work in Ethiopia!“Optimistic... read more

8 papers accepted to NeurIPS

We are excited about 8 accepted papers with WhiRL members, and look forward to discussing our work at... read more

IJCAI Survey: Reinforcement Learning Informed by Natural Language

To be successful in real-world tasks, Reinforcement Learning (RL) needs to exploit the compositional, relational, and hierarchical structure of... read more

Vacancy: PostDoc

Together with Katja Hofmann (Microsoft Cambridge), we are hiring a postdoc for a special joint position in WhiRL at... read more

ICML 2019

WhiRL has four accepted papers at ICML this year! Camera ready versions can be found here:“A Baseline for... read more

New blog post: Advice for short-term machine learning research projects

Tim Rocktäschel, Jakob Foerster and Greg Farquhar Every year we get contacted by students who wish to work on short-term... read more

Five papers accepted at ICML 2018

All our five submissions for ICML 2018 have just been accepted:   DiCE: The Infinitely Differentiable Monte Carlo Estimator Jakob Foerster, Gregory... read more

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