4 Papers Accepted at ICLR 2021 and AAAI 2021

We are pleased to announce three accepted papers to ICLR and one paper at AAAI:

ICLR 2021 : Transient Non-stationarity and Generalisation in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Maximilian Igl, Gregory Farquhar, Jelena Luketina, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson

ICLR 2021 : My Body is a Cage: the Role of Morphology in Graph-Based Incompatible Control
Vitaly Kurin, Maximilian Igl, Tim Rocktäschel, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson

ICLR 2021 : RODE: Learning Roles to Decompose Multi-Agent Tasks
Tonghan Wang, Tarun Gupta, Anuj Mahajan, Bei Peng, Shimon Whiteson, Chongjie Zhang

AAAI 2021 : Mean-Variance Policy Iteration for Risk-Averse Reinforcement Learning
Shangtong Zhang, Bo Liu, Shimon Whiteson