6 Papers Accepted at ICML 2021

We are pleased to announce six accepted papers to ICML:

Breaking the Deadly Triad with a Target Network
Shangtong Zhang, Hengshuai Yao, Shimon Whiteson

Average-Reward Off-Policy Policy Evaluation with Function Approximation
Shangtong Zhang, Yi Wan, Richard Sutton, Shimon Whiteson

Randomized Entity-wise Factorization for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Shariq Iqbal, Christian Schroeder de Witt, Bei Peng, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson, Fei Sha

UneVEn: Universal Value Exploration for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Tarun Gupta, Anuj Mahajan, Bei Peng, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson

Tesseract: Tensorised Actors for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Anuj Mahajan, Mikayel Samvelyan, Lei Mao, Viktor Makoviychuk, Animesh Garg, Jean Kossaifi, Shimon Whiteson, Yuke Zhu, Animashree Anandkumar

Exploration in Approximate Hyper-State Space for Meta Reinforcement Learning
Luisa Zintgraf, Leo Feng, Cong Lu, Maximilian Igl, Kristian Hartikainen, Katja Hofmann, Shimon Whiteson