4 Papers Accepted at ICML 2022 and CoLLAs (Conference on Lifelong Learning Agents) 2022

We are pleased to announce two accepted papers at ICML and two at CoLLAs this year:

ICML 2022 : Generalized Beliefs for Cooperative AI
Darius Muglich, Luisa Zintgraf, Christian Schroeder de Witt, Shimon Whiteson, Jakob Foerster

ICML 2022 : Communicating via Maximum Entropy Reinforcement Learning
Samuel Sokota, Christian Schroeder de Witt, Maximilian Igl, Luisa Zintgraf, Philip Torr, Martin Strohmeier, Zico Kolter, Shimon Whiteson, Jakob Foerster

CoLLAs 2022 : Learning Skills Diverse in Value-Relevant Features
Matt Smith, Jelena Luketina, Kristian Hartikainen, Maximilian Igl, Shimon Whiteson

CoLLAs 2022 : Meta-Gradients in Non-Stationary Environments
Jelena Luketina, Sebastian Flennerhag, Yannick Schroecker, David Abel, Tom Zahavy, Satinder Singh