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4 Papers Accepted at ICML 2020

We are pleased to announce four accepted papers to ICML:Growing Action SpacesGregory Farquhar, Laura Gustafson, Zeming Lin, Shimon Whiteson, Nicolas Usunier,... read more

1 Paper Accepted to UAI

We are pleased to announce that “Multitask Soft Option Learning” is accepted to UAI 2020! Congratulations to the authors... read more

AAMAS Best Paper Award

“Deep Residual Reinforcement Learning” received the best paper award at AAMAS 2020! Congratulations to the authors Shangtong Zhang, Wendelin... read more

2 Papers Accepted to AAMAS

We are happy about two full AAMAS papers with WhiRL members!“Deep Residual Reinforcement Learning”Shangtong Zhang, Wendelin Boehmer, Shimon Whiteson“Maximizing... read more

2 papers accepted to ICLR

We are very excited about two accepted ICLR 2020 papers and look forward to discussing our work in Ethiopia!“Optimistic... read more

8 papers accepted to NeurIPS

We are excited about 8 accepted papers with WhiRL members, and look forward to discussing our work at... read more

IJCAI Survey: Reinforcement Learning Informed by Natural Language

To be successful in real-world tasks, Reinforcement Learning (RL) needs to exploit the compositional, relational, and hierarchical structure of... read more

Vacancy: PostDoc

Together with Katja Hofmann (Microsoft Cambridge), we are hiring a postdoc for a special joint position in WhiRL at... read more

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